Welcome to Everyday Accomplishments! I am learning how to celebrate all that I have accomplished in a day opposed to beat myself up over what I couldn’t complete. My daily routine is pretty hectic. I work full time, enrolled in online college, and have to take my older son to Tae Kwan-do classes three days a week  for starters. That doesn’t even include making dinner and cleaning the house or helping my older son with his homework and taking care of our dog. I found that when I focused on what I hadn’t been able to accomplish I lost sight of the good parts of my day. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to say the least. This is something when talking to some of my friends who are also moms felt whether they were working full time or stay at home mom’s. We all have responsibilities but that doesn’t mean we should dwell on them to the point they make us miserable. There is always at least one positive thing that happens in everyday life that we should celebrate. It could be as simple as remembering to feed the dog on time or as big as getting a new job.

So celebrate today!